Join Me: One Month Gluten Free Challenge

Exactly one month ago, I wrote about the tipping point in my life with my health that got me to start eating gluten free. It also caused me to make a major pivot in my career. As I have written about here, I became an entrepreneur this year. Like many, that opened a flood gate of creativity in my brain. I have so many ideas for new businesses.

Like a river running through my subconscious, all of my ideas have an underlying theme – community. I like to connect with people. I like to help people.

So, where better to start than with eating gluten free? If you are interested in knowing more, come on over to my blog at Gluten Vrije Vrouw. Don’t be scared by the Dutch name. I am blogging in English. Or find me on Facebook at the same name. I am trying my hand at videos so it gets pretty interesting on my Facebook page.

My first endeavour is to launch a One Month Gluten Free Challenge for The Netherlands. I will provide all you need – recipes, meal plans and even do all of the shopping for you to try eating gluten free for one month. And that’s not all. We will have a private Facebook page and weekly video calls with special guest experts joining in to answer your questions.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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In My Neighborhood: July 10, 2012

Zaanse Schans Wooden Shoes by morethanexpat
Zaanse Schans Wooden Shoes by morethanexpat

I visited Zaanse Schans (not even going to try to pronounce), a mini theme park of what the Dutch are famous for – windmills, wooden clogs, cheese, etc. I took some friends there in mid-June when they were in town visiting from the U.S. It probably would have been a nice, quaint experience if not for the buckets of rain the sky dropped on us. I guess they got their typical Dutch experience after all.

This picture was taken at the Wooden Shoe Workshop. I bought my daughter her first pair of shoes – orange wooden clogs with white polka dots. My Dutch husband just rolled his eyes when I later showed him. I plan to hang them on her bedroom wall as a decoration for now.

Sightseeing in The Netherlands: Keukenhof

It has been a busy few weeks. My dad is visiting. We managed to fit in a birthday dinner for me, a Queen’s Day celebration and a few trips that I will write about soon. In addition, he also helped us paint the ground floor of our house and put in a wooden floor in our sunroom. Pictures of our home projects will follow as soon as it is all done.

Here are some pictures we took of our visit to The Keukenhof Gardens. It claims to be the most photographed place on Earth. With 4.5 million tulip bulbs and over 7 million plants (all planted by hand) in total, I can imagine why.

(All images are taken by me. Feel free to re-use them, but please give credit where credit is due.)