More than…good reads

Hammock Silhouette by morethanexpat
Hammock Silhouette by morethanexpat

Other people’s lives fascinate me. So while I am not snooping around on Facebook or Pinterest, here are some of the blogs, I like to read. It is a wonder I ever get anything done.

  • News Notes – my twin sister’s blog; okay, so maybe I am biased. Get over it.
  • Have Baby Will Travel – great family travel advice
  • Joy the Baker – I can’t wait to see what she is up to next
  • Shutterbean –  LOVE her design aesthetics
  • The Bloggess – Just check it out. It’s funny.
  • Kristin and Kayla – How does he do this? Sweet idea & AMAZING
  • Homefries – Another of Joy and Shutterbean’s creations…
  • Simple Mom – Well, technically, this is a combination of blogs. Always helpful, interesting and witty.

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