Synchronicity: Truth to Birth Order

I believe in synchronicity, meaningful coincidences. I believe that the universe keeps bringing lessons into your life until you learn them. It is kind if a cosmic do over. Thank God for that, I say.

I am starting to see myself in our youngest daughter, Wiglet, now just eight months old. She is the youngest. I was the youngest. I am a twin, but born minutes after my sister and we have an older sister. So I may be the youngest twice removed or something. 

For starters, Wiglet looks a lot like me as a baby. It is uncanny really. She is such a quiet baby. I am an introvert myself. 

Our oldest, is quite the opposite. Her extroversion is becoming more and more pronounced as her language(s) develop. She literally chats up whomever is sitting next to us on the tram. In Dutch, she starts in on the weather that day, the favorite pastime in this country. Amused, the man or woman responds and starts chatting to me. Soon I have to reveal that my Dutch just cannot keep up. Then E starts in telling this stranger about her day and I am left trying to explain this line of conversation that has dropped totally out of the blue. I wonder what it will be like once Wiglet starts speaking. I really must work on my Dutch.

My husband is also a first born, also an extrovert. It is no wonder he and E clash heads. Wiglet and I laugh amongst ourselves at the two of them battling it out at the end of the table during dinner. Our oldest, E, refuses to try new food. It is really a principle for her, I think. A power struggle.

E demands attention. I have to make a real effort to train my attention on Wiglet as she rocks herself on all fours and begins crawling. I cheer her on and her face breaks into a smile, beaming with pride. Wiglet is a sneaky little thing too. She uses her older sister as a diversion to get into whatever piques her curiosity at the moment. When you catch her at it, she just turns on a surprised smile. Maybe I am reading too much into it, though.

Here are photos of me as a baby and one of Wiglet taken last week. You be the judge.


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