Camping at Home

The sun is finally out today, but it is still cold, wet and windy. We tried to go to the forest preserve close to our house, but E soon asked to go home. Poor little thing was shaking like a leaf.

So instead we made a tent out of a parachute-like tarp. It is multicolored so it came out looking like a circus tent. All the better for my three year old. She wanted to get pillows and blankets and puzzle inside of the tent. I have no idea why a tent equates with puzzling for my three year old, but I was just happy to have some low energy play time. She also wanted to ‘sleep’ there. I call it ‘sleep’ because it would just be singing and giggling and pretending to sleep. We will be sleeping in beds tonight, thank you very much.

She has inherited my ideas on camping that is for sure. She wanted to eat muffins and drink milk in the tent. And when she needed to pee, she ran inside immediately to the toilet.

Here is our tent:




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