Our Visitor

We have a visitor this week. His name is Puk. He is a stuffed doll from our three year old’s daycare. Dutch education pedagogy centres around this little guy whose name is pronounced something in between “puck” and “puke”. I can never get the pronunciation quite right.

Puk teaches the kids about the weather, manners, seasons, etc. Part of the curriculum is that each child gets to take Puk home for the week. He gets to go on adventures with the child and it should get documented in Puk’s diary. Sigh.

Puk and his belongings have seen a better day. The poor thing has only pajamas and a green chenille jacket left to wear. I scanned through Puk’s diary looking mostly at the dates and pictures since it is all written in Dutch, of course. This doll and this diary have been making the rounds for over four years. He is older than my daughter!

So I freshened up his wardrobe today. A local store was having BOGO on all clearance items. I found him a newborn sized shirt, shorts and hoodie as well as a grey laptop bag to replace his sad makeshift suitcase with broken zipper. I spent nine euros in total. The shirt and hoody needed to be taken in so I cut the zipper off of the hoodie, shortened it and hemmed it. I shortened the long sleeved tee too. Puk is ready for a few more adventures.

The novelty of Puk has worn off quickly. He is not even sleeping in our daughter’s bed tonight. Yesterday, he went to (British) music class and a (Canadian) birthday party with us. That is enough, right? I mostly just do not want to lose him. I don’t want to be the family to lose Puk.

Here are pictures from music class (p.s. That is the teacher in the background and she is blowing bubbles…the highlight at the end of class) and of Puk with his new ‘pants’ and hoodie.




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