Gift Idea for Mom & Grammy

I’m a big believer that mothers – new, established, and grand – should get nice tokens of gratitude from time to time. Whether you pamper yourself or another, the recognition is nice. Many mothers receive a gift from their partners after the birth of a child. With the birth of our second, I decided I wanted to have something that incorporated motherhood and also the memory of my father whom died early into my second pregnancy.

So I went hunting on Etsy. I had received a gift certificate for Etsy and that emboldened me to make an investment in a nice necklace that I could wear everyday. It did not need to scream its sentiment to all who saw me. It was just my reminder. And I wanted to be able to wear it for work and while with the little ones.

I chose this from a Canadian shop named The Silver Wing. It has Swarovski crystals with the birthstones of my parents, children, husband and I. They are between two silver discs. One disc has a nice woven/flowery design that allows you to view the crystals inside. The back disc can be stamped with almost anything you request. Inside mine is stamped the first verse of “You are My Sunshine”.

Both of my daughters love to play with it. My youngest jingles the pieces as she stands on my lap and coos in my face. She used to play with my necklace while I nursed her. My oldest plays with it as she is settling in for a nap. I sway her in my arms and sing her our own private version of the “A,B,C’s” (the alphabet sang to the rhythm of “Frere Jacques”). She notices if I am not wearing it. “Mama, where is your neck-a-lace?”

Our own special bond. It turned out to be the perfect gift.



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