She Skipped her Nap Today

Our three year old E skipped her nap today. Of all days, why today? It was probably because I was stupidly saying to other mothers that I am concerned about her still needing so much sleep. She will start primary school when she turns four and will no longer be allowed to nap. I was worrying aloud about how to manage it. So, the next day, she skips her nap. And now I see what I have been missing. Today I lost half of my sanity and all of my patience.

It would not have been so bad if we had not had company. I hired someone to make a week’s worth of meals for us. More on that later, but I will say that she brought everything with her to our house and cooked for four hours. Excellent! I had planned it to overlap with E’s nap time. Nope.

It went well in the beginning. E took to the lady immediately. I have never seen anything like it. It was like her pockets were filled with kidnip. E volunteered to be her assistant for the first 45 minutes then spent another 45 minutes mimicking her in her mini-kitchen. She ‘cut’ her fake fruit while saying, “Be careful with your fingers.” Very sweet.

Then her screws gradually came loose until she was so wild and tired she could barely form a sentence. It was like watching her short circuit. I really felt for her, but by five o’clock, I was also tired and hungry. And little Wiglet was there all the while too. And the dear heart has the worst diaper rash I have ever seen. Teeth must be on their way in. Not our finest hours.

So we are all now fed and ready for an early night. This picture sums it up.



2 thoughts on “She Skipped her Nap Today

  1. There was a poor woman in cvs the other day with a little one having a complete melt down. It was a quiet store and everyone could hear it. I wanted to say something encouraging to her but didn’t know what to say. I remember those days all too well.

    1. A few strangers have been very helpful to me. They knelt down and asked E, “Oh sweetie, what is the matter?” That stopped E in her tracks and had her hiding behind my leg. Then the person said to me, “Oh, I remember those days. They will pass. Can I do something to help?”

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