Indoor play land: IKEA

I do not have much to say today. Friday’s are my day alone with both girls and I am exhausted. Yes, people call this parenting, but I can still say that out loud. A hyper three year old trapped indoors all day because of the cold along side a grinning pooping machine of a seven month old was my day.

Admittedly, they both do really well in the car. So I decided to take them somewhere…anywhere…in the car today. I chose IKEA. It has guaranteed free parking, elevators, a child friendly restaurant and several family toilets. I bribed the three year old with a gift if she listened and helped Mama. She did not get the gift in the end, but she was too tired to notice so I count the trip as a win.

My three year old, E, did wonderfully with not running off in the parking garage, eating lunch, and not opening the door and running out on me in the middle of me using the restroom or changing Wiglet’s toxic diapers. Side note: Should I be happy that the baby eats every baby food we put in front of her when it literally rockets out of her almost immediately?

She lost her cool in the children’s department. Next time, we will either eat at the restaurant or go to the children’s department. You might be wondering why I don’t just drop her off at the free play area like everyone else and go up to the restaurant for a leisurely lunch. I tried that once. You would have thought I was torturing her. She cried, screamed and clawed my legs in fear. And, besides, she is pretty good the first 70% and last 10% of the trip. It is just that 20% that wears me down.

So…back to the children’s department. I told her she could pick one thing as a gift since she had been so well behaved. She did not really get that we could take these things home. I am not in a hurry to dispel that myth. Instead, she went from bed to bed in the mock bedrooms and pretended to be sleeping. She told me to leave her bedroom so she could sleep. Next to each bed, she took off her winter boots and set them on the night stand. I could not stop smiling. She entertained the people streaming through.

The fun ended when she realised there was a whole other showroom neighboring the children’s department and ran off. I had to shut it down. I had just that momentary flash of losing her in such a big and confusing place and I grabbed her and headed for the car. (Photo by Cryostasis from Flickr.)



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