We had quite a weekend. Knowing I have a new job to look forward to seemed to release some latent inhibitions. I went out three nights in a row. That is quite a record for me. These invitations had been weeks in the making. No, I did not go on a one woman celebratory tour, if that is what you were thinking. I just enjoyed myself more than I had in awhile. I was paying for it on Sunday. I am now happily drying out, so to speak.

Time to get on with getting more fit. Time to lose the baby weight and hopefully a little of the jiggle. My littlest one seems to be teething and is very crabby today. Fortunately, I can get her to nap in her stroller. So I have been out walking today for more than two hours. The weather has been horrible, snowing at times, but it melted immediately. And thank goodness for Audible audiobooks. I am listening to “The Girl on the Train.” It is English so I apologize if this post seems to have a British accent. It is a thriller of sorts and has me hooked.


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