Steak & Champagne

It is a steak and champagne night. We have reason to celebrate. I got a job! I will not go to the details, but it is exactly what I was looking for and it came along far sooner than I expected. It ticks all of the boxes. We are very excited. So my husband and I are celebrating with a nice bottle of champagne and a rare steak. Chocolate is for dessert. It is a great way to celebrate. And my husband’s toast was perfect, “Congratulations, babe! You deserve it.”

Now I am going to take a few weeks to relax and enjoy our little ones. I am charging my batteries. So what will I do to recharge my batteries? Umm, I am still thinking that over. I want to kick my butt back into shape and kick our house’s proverbial butt back into shape too. But I am going to take as many nice lunch breaks as I can along the way.



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