Dropping a Ball

Fortunately, I had a much needed day of downtime. My goal was to do as little as possible, but I just could not help myself. I still got in some shopping and sorted out some baby clothes to try to sell online.

I did treat myself to an early lunch, though. It tasted as good as it looked. This is a toasted spelt bagel with sliced banana, cinnamon and maple syrup.


Life right now is a bit too chaotic. We have all the typical demands of a household with two working parents and two children under the age of four. I am grateful for the health and security we enjoy.

Nonetheless, I need to do a little less. I need to drop one of the many balls I am juggling. I need to create the space to give myself a little more rest. Sometimes it feels like I need more rest and downtime than others. Sometimes I feel more sensitive, more susceptible to life’s typically daily sensory onslaught.

But which thing should go undone? Which activity could go undone? Which activity can this stingy, control freak offload or at least outsource? Food? Namely, grocery shopping and dinner preparation. I am looking into hiring someone to make semi-healthy dinners for our family. Surprisingly, I have a few choices here locally.

We have a cleaner that comes once a week for three hours. Don’t judge me, but I am also considering expanding on that. Does anyone else have any other ideas?


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