Fifteen Minutes of….

Starting today, I am making a vow to write for fifteen minutes per day. There, I wrote it. It is out there for all to see. Writing is a passion of mine. I have come to hold it so dear that I put it on a pedestal. I tell myself that I need to wait to write a blog post about something more witty or deep or funny or….whatever.

It just does not work that way and I am calling “Bullshit” on myself. ‘Witty’ comes from work. ‘Profound’ is born out of practice. So, bear with me, folks, while I find my rhythm.

This blog was started to share my experiences as an American raising a multicultural family abroad in Europe. I am coming up on nine years living in The Netherlands and things still bewilder me.

So what has been filling my days lately? Well, namely, my littlest one has the chicken pox. My poor baby is seven months old and covered in disgusting spots. She has been a trooper through the past week. Look at this face.

She contracted the chicken pox at day care. The philosophy here is that chicken pox are not a medical emergency. They do not require a trip to the doctor for treatment (unless there are some extreme issues like prolonged fever). In fact, at our daycare, they do not even warn the parents of an outbreak or insist infected children stay home. They figure that there is no way to prevent an outbreak and no real threat to a typical child.

It is incredibly annoying not to be warned about an outbreak mainly because I want to be able to have anti-itch cream on-hand and so I can prepare myself for the ensuing round of long nights. But I really appreciate that my child is not made to stay home. Day care is expensive here and I would have to pay the tuition even if my child stays home ill. As long as an infected child is reasonably happy, she can stay and play with the others.



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