Sick (Holi) Day

From our holiday in Devon in May….

My apologies for how long the gap has been since my last post. I blame the baby. I am now in my last trimester, the sixth month. While I feel Wiglet kicking everyday, I just cannot believe there will soon be two little girls in our lives. I look at our two year old and simultaneously wonder how I will love another being as much as I do her; how will I find this new child as adorable; and how will the thing I hold most dear cope with no longer being the center of her parents’ universe? It breaks my heart to think of having less time with her as I care for a newborn, but I chose this. I chose this because I think it will eventually make all of our lives better.

Thankfully, my mother is here for a month long visit. To celebrate, we are on a one week vacation in Devon, England. I really wanted to make it a memorable trip so I rented us a lodge (e.g. condo) on the grounds of a castle. Bovey Castle is gorgeous and has been converted into a hotel, restaurant and golf course. It is the closest I could get us to Downton Abbey, a favorite show of ours.

The vacation came with one surprise. E came down with chicken pox the second day of our trip. I shudder to think of us unwittingly adding to cocktail of bugs flying around the airport and airplane. That eliminated the heated indoor swimming pool at the castle and the daily children’s activities like egg collecting from the estate’s chickens and visiting the playroom. E has been a real trooper, though, and happy to tag along in the car on outings as long as Papa carries her. Thank goodness for the Tula toddler carrier! we are also never far from a 24 hour pharmacy here so we stocked up on children’s antihistamine and what E calls “Owwie Cream” to stop the itching.


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