Please, Have a Cookie

It has been awhile since I have felt like writing and it has been even longer since I have had the time. I have been busy with all the same things as everyone else, but I have also felt the weight of grief weighing on my mind, muscles and emotions. How have I been coping? Baking. It sounds strange and a little naive, I know. Very few things make sense in my world right now, but recipes do. Buy the ingredients, measure them out, combine them in the right order, pop them in the oven and everything turns out as promised. No surprises. Just what I wanted. Comfort.

I have been doing a lot of baking with my daughter. She is only two so there is a limit to what she can do and to how much I can stand her “help”. Let’s see…here is a list of what I have baked since my last post:

– Chocolate sour cream cupcakes with cream cheese icing and dark chocolate candy topping
– Almond turtles
– Chocolate whisky cookies
– M&M peanut butter cookies
– After Eight Mint and dark chocolate brownies
– Sour cream sugar cookies toped with cream cheese icing and sprinkles
– Hot cocoa mix popcorn
– Chocolate Rolo Nutella Cookies
– Nutella chocolate chip cookie bars
– Dark chocolate pretzel and caramel bark
– Gingerbread muffins
– Banana bread muffins

Have I missed anything? Most of these were given away as gift boxes. My husband and I have also surprised our co-workers with homemade treats. If anyone asked, “If there is anything I can do to help with your loss,” I would say, “Please have a cookie.”





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