Force of Nature

As many as sixty tornadoes tore throw the middle of the US yesterday. At least one tore through my sister’s house. Life just seems so unbelievable these days. Tornadoes aren’t supposed to happen in the fall. It was the first time ever that a tornado hit Illinois in November – not in 20 years or 100 years – EVER. The house is still standing which is more for what many of their neighbours can say, but it looks like some crazy madmen blew out the windows, ran sacked the place and took part of the roof and siding with him.

Everyone is safe. Everyone is safe. That is my mantra. People in The Philippines just can’t say that right now. Life is so unbelievable these days. It just all seems so unfair. I believe in a force greater than us, but these past weeks and months make no sense.

So my life seems downright ridiculous right now as I plan for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party this weekend. The party is more than a month late, but better late than never. A party seems like a frivolous thing to do these days, but it also seems wrong to skip a little girl’s birthday.

Enjoy a little distraction as I tell you what I have planned. We are sticking to the original theme, a barnyard theme – in the middle of a city just weeks before winter. I am skipping the lamb shaped birthday cake so I don’t need to worry about the head of a cake rolling across the table in front of toddlers. Instead we are having a Kit Kat cake. If the cake doesn’t work out, I will just pass around the Kit Kats, I guess.


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