Terrible Two’s: Muffin Tin Dinner


Dinners continue to be a struggle in our house. We have started eating our dinners with E as much as time and planning allows. She reaches for the food on our plate and promptly throws it as far as she can while laughing maniacally. It is a little creepy to watch her test boundaries so brazenly. Where did our sweet little girl go?

Searching the corners of my mind (and Pinterest) I remembered an idea my twin sister mentioned when her boys were in this stage – muffin tin meals. Muffin tins provide the perfect portioning for a toddler. They also give a picky eater choices. My plan was to try a six cup tin and each day try to sneak one new item in.

E was very excited about her new dinner plate. That was already a big improvement. She happily sat in her high chair even. E even gasped a little in excitement and said, “Yummy!” Trying not to spook her with my bubbling enthusiasm, I walked away from the table. I pretended to prepare dinner while I spied on her from the kitchen. Just as singing angels in my head finished their first round of “Hallelujahs” the food started flying.

Instead of using her fork and knife to eat, E was eating her yogurt with her fingers. I guess she found the shape of the muffin tin odd. Or she just preferred beating the spoon along the side of the metal tin and swinging her hair back and forth like the rock star she is.

In the end, she ate half of the food and threw the other half on the floor. I think the options and the opportunity to have so much food so readily available to throw on the floor was too much for her. There were not tears, though, or wild screams so all and all it went well.

What was in Muffin Tin Dinner #1?
– Cheese cubes, mango & vanilla yogurt, wheat bread mini sandwiches with cashew butter, whole wheat Sesame Street crackers, apple & banana slices. The cashew butter sandwiches were the new thing. In trying to make the sandwiches look as appealing as possible, I cut them into flower shapes with a cookie cutter. It didn’t really work. They came out looking like doughy blobs. They tasted good, but looked nothing like E’s normal sandwich. I won’t be doing that again.



2 thoughts on “Terrible Two’s: Muffin Tin Dinner

  1. Love this idea!! I think I have a 6-muffin tin here somewhere. Right now we use little condiment cups to corral rolly-poly food like berries. But this is brilliant and fewer dishes to wash. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your next meal!

    Cousin Melissa

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