Meditation Challenge Drop-out


I have a confession to make. I quit my meditation challenge. A week ago. I really do not know why except to say that, if I am avoiding meditation, it probably means I need to do more of it.

And the meditations led by Deepak and Oprah as part of their 21-Day Meditation Challenge were so nice to listen to. As a women that grew up just two hours south of Oprah’s studios in Chicago, I basically grew up with her (for better or worse). It is nice to hear her voice and her affirmations. Unfortunately, the meditations only stay posted online for five days.

Perhaps I am being too hard on myself. I have done moving meditation. Mummy Flying Solo made me realize that long walks, yoga and to some extent baking and vacuuming are forms of meditation for me. They eacj relax me and still my mind in some respects more than typical meditation can. In preparation for a team event I hosted at work, for instance, I vacuumed a huge office space. It was quiet. I was alone. The lights were dimmed. All I thought about was lining up my next sweep with the last. Repeat. Repeat. It completely cleared my mind and was not a half bad workout, incidentally.

Mowing a lawn would probably do the same for me…if we had a lawn. I am not about to become a cleaning lady or a landscaper. A big part of the charm is these activities is that I do them rarely. Perhaps I am just kidding myself; trying to avoid the fact that I did not follow through on my meditation challenge.

Another challenge? Not for now. In six weeks I start taking Dutch language courses on Thursday evenings so I am going to relax until then.


One thought on “Meditation Challenge Drop-out

  1. Ah honestly I don’t know how you ever started the second meditation challenge. I agree that if we are avoiding it we probably need to do more but it just wasn’t working for me the way it was going. I think it’s ok if we adapt it to our own lives. I think if you seek out something every day that relaxes you – whether that be meditation or the vacuuming – then you are doing ok. 🙂

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