Fitbit Fan

Fitbit by Factoryjoe

Add me to the list of Fitbit fans. I finally received my Fitbit Flex this week. I am using it in combination with to track my diet and exercise- or calories in/calories out. I also want to use it to track my sleep as well, but I seem to be doing something wrong with activating that functionality.

Overall, I really like it. I hardly notice that I am wearing the thing. It is motivating me like nothing else has before to stop making excuses, get more active, and be more mindful of what I am eating.

To be honest, I think the step count is overly optimistic and, as a result, the calories burned is a bit inaccurate. For instance, this morning I walked to our gym (30 minute round trip walk) and took a Body Combat class. It said I took more than 10,000 steps before noon. According to MyFitnessPal, I should burn about 500 calories during the hour class. says I burned over 2,000 calories today. Other than the class, I walked for about an hour and a half in total. According to MyFitness Pal, I should have burned about 900 calories in total. I need to dig around online to see if I need to change the settings on my Fitbit or something.

Another weird surprise is that it lit up at random times the past few nights. It could be because I did not set the sleep mode correctly. My daughter woke me up a few nights ago. While I was rocking her back to sleep, the Fitbit lit up. And is it bright! So my daughter immediately perks up and starts trying to play with this new-found toy on my wrist. Not good!

The Fitbit (and MyFitnessPal) is motivating me to get moving and eat healthier, though. And that is the point, right? They are both really easy to use and the statistical output is addictive. Both websites have easy to understand dashboard. I hate the Fitbit app, though. It is disappointingly low tech to the point that I do not think I will use it.

Tomorrow I head to Antwerp, Belgium for two days of Me Time (i.e. a mini vacation alone). I am really looking forward to sightseeing on foot and seeing how the Fitbit keeps up. This will be my first stay in Antwerp so I am also looking forward to seeing a new city and meandering like I used to pre-parenthood. Oh…and the sleeping in…I have been daydreaming about that every morning for weeks.


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