Hanging In There

This will be a quick one today. I am still here, still hanging in there. I am so bloody tired.

My husband and daughter were both sick with something these past several days. They each had different varieties of symptoms that were not bad enough to be treatable with medication yet severe enough to render them both whining sacks of misery. Fun for me.

I am trying to keep up with meditating and tracking my calories in/calories out. The tracking of my calories and fitness with MyFitnessPal is, strangely, easier for me and far more interesting. My Fitbit has yet to arrive, though, darn it. I did lose just over a pound this week, though!

I started Oprah & Deepak’s Meditation Challenge yesterday. They email you a mantra to say each day while meditating. Today’s mantra is, “I am a radiant spiritual being.”

To start my meditation, I just kind of melted onto one of our rugs. I am pretty sure laying face down on a rug is not a suggested pose, but it felt good. At a certain point in repeating the mantra, I realized I was saying to myself, “I am a radio spirited dream.”

No deep insights today except that the pressure of my face on the rug and the scratchiness of the fibers was oddly soothing. I really need to go to bed. Slaap lekker.


note: it turns out that there is a website with guided meditation by Deepak and Oprah. Oops.


2 thoughts on “Hanging In There

  1. lol radio spirited dream. How are you finding their program? Do you have to invest a lot of extra time reading or watching videos at all? Or is it just mantras to say while meditating? Do you have to meditate for a specific duration? I’d be very interested to know more about it!

  2. From what I can tell, they email you a mantra and some inspirational words each day. They want you to aim for a minimum of 15 minutes. I need to go look online to see if O is doing a webcast about it too.

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