My New Buddy


This summer, I am getting more fit and trying to drop a few pounds. I am working out 3 days per week and make it a priority to get moving more every day. I am gradually getting more toned, but the pounds are not budging.

To stay motivated, I listen to Jillian Michaels’ podcast and read a few fitness blogs – mainly Roni’s Weigh. Jillian and her guests are really motivating and tell it like it is. I finally took her advice and am getting serious about monitoring my calories in and out. I am sure I eat more than I think and burn off less than I give myself credit for. She also gives great tips on going organic as well as the latest kit out there to keep exercise easy and interesting.

I am not a gadget girl, but the fitness tools out there have sure come a long way in the past few years. In the past, I quickly got bored of using an online calculator to guesstimate my workouts and keep a food diary. But I have heard some good things about Fitbit and the MyFitnessPal app so I am giving them a try.

On a whim, I ordered the Fitbit Flex today from Amazon. I can’t wait for it to arrive! I went with the Fitbit Flex because it looks like nothing more than a thick rubber band to wear on my wrist. I can see myself wearing to work and no one noticing it. Reviews say it is not as¬†completely reliable as the monitors you clip to your belt or bra, but I see myself sticking more with something I can keep on my wrist than something I have clipped to my clothes. I would rather get regular use out of a wrist band type tracker than forget to use or lose a belt clip version. And, besides, I am not an Olympic athlete. How precise does it really have to be?

I logged my first day with MyFitnessPal today. It has a great feature of being able to enter in a recipe and it will calculate the calories, protein, fat, etc. per serving. I just entered in the ingredients from my recipe for zucchini bread and save it to my profile. Since I eat it every morning, I just select one portion of zucchini bread from my recipes and I am done.

Another great feature for me is that I selected the country I am living in and the database actually has most of the foods from my local grocery store here in The Netherlands. They have the brands of food we eat in both their English and Dutch names. That will save me SO much time in updating my food diary.

Until my Fitbit arrives, I am estimating my exercise on MyFitnessPal. When I do that, it automatically calculate how many calories I will burn and, as a result, adjusts how many calories I can eat to reach my goal of losing a pound per week. This may be old news to most of you, but I have not tried tracking my calories and exercise online in over five years and a lot has changed (for the better) since then.

As expected, the tool opened my eyes to how much I am overeating (about 250 calories today). It also motivated me to get out for a short walk over lunch and after work.


One thought on “My New Buddy

  1. I found clean eating combined with gym to work the best for me. I used my fitness pal too and it was brilliant. I also find that a 4th day at the gym seems to have a big impact. It’s like 3 days helps me maintain and 4 helps me change. Good luck!!

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