30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 9


Method: Simply Being App

– Raining sound, 10 minutes, guided by app, laying down in a starfish position


I just finished today’s meditation. I found it relaxing, but in a completely different way than the other days. Today’s meditation felt like a processing session. I had two friends over for dinner last night. I had not seen these friends in some time. We were also all without our toddlers and husbands so we were really able to talk.

I mention this only because I spend the next day(s) replaying events like that in my head. Sometimes it is to replay advice or anecdotes they have said that made me laugh or re-assured me. Mostly, though, I am evaluating myself – what I said, how I reacted. “Did I talk too much? Did I respond well? What did I forget to ask? What did I wish I would not have said?”

Am I the only person that does this? When I really value a person’s opinion and our relationship, I tend to be hyper-analytical of myself after an interaction. I used to be that way during conversations and, if left unchecked, can still get caught up in that, but now I try to make a conscious effort to stay present. I try to focus on what is immediately in front of me – the words coming out of my friends’ mouths; the food I am eating; the drink I am drinking; the birds chirping outside; the green leaves of the plants in our sunroom where we ate dinner.

So…all of these thoughts were whirling around during my mediation. I finally just told myself, “Okay. This is the space and the time to process all these thoughts. Process it. Let it whirl. Then we are done. After this 10 minutes, we are moving on with our day.” Let’s see if it works.

Lastly, not digging the rain sound on this app. It sounds kinda like a crackling fire to me. Not relaxing for me.



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