30 Day Meditation Challenge: Day 5



10 minute guided meditation with Simply Being app – listened to flowing water


It is definitely getting easier. When the woman guiding my meditation said that my ten minutes was over, my first thought was, “Wow! Already?!”

I also like the running water sound over the ocean sound I tried last time. Go figure. Maybe I am less prone to think about the beach vacation I wish I were on if I listen to just plain old running water.

Other Stuff


This week I have also made an effort to swap out my morning grande iced Americano & milk with iced sun tea. It has saved me EUR 3.10 per day and made me far less jumpy in the morning. I really enjoy the kick start of the Americano (and it’s 3 shots of espresso), but, hours later when my heart was still racing and I had an unquenchable thirst, I did not feel so great. I also noticed that, mid-afternoon, when the Americano finally wore off, I’d have a huge energy dip. It seemed to make my energy high’s higher and the low’s lower.

I am LOVING my homemade zucchini bread this week. I have been making Smitten Kitchen’s zucchini bread the last several weeks. I alternate the zucchini with shredded carrots sometimes too. I have made some substitutions that really hit the spot.


  • Skip the vanilla extract
  • Substitute half of the oil for a little more than 1/4 cup low fat vanilla yogurt
  • Use 3 teaspoons cinnamon & 2 teaspoons nutmeg
  • Use the biggest round springform pan I can fine.

Listening To

Cannot get enough of Brene Brown’s seminar, “The Power of Vulnerability“. I first heard about her 2010 TED Talk and then again recently Tracy from Shutterbean was raving about Brown’s latest book to Joy the Baker on their podcast. I went to Audible.com and downloaded the longest thing I could find that Audible was offering featuring Brown (gotta get the most bang for my buck, right?!)

All I can say is- Get it, Download it, Listen to it. Brown is a great presenter even if you are only listening to her recorded. She is motivating, insightful, funny, and most of all down-to-earth. For every pitfall she tells you how to avoid, she has at least one funny true story of her own struggles.

Favorite take-away so far: Treating shame like a Gremlin.

Do you remember that movie? When you would expose those evil little monsters to the light, they would dissolve. The same goes with shame. When you name what is shaming you (to a trusted empathizer) it immediately dissolves most of the shames power over you.


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