WordPress Family Award


I won an award for my blog! It is so gratifying to see people out in the wider world reading and enjoying what I write. Thank you to Mummy Flying Solo for nominating me.


1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your wordpress experience and family

4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them.

My Nominees:

  1. How to Ruin a Toddler’s Day
  2. Sondra Wisdom
  3. Katie Speak
  4. Just Roni
  5. News Notes
  6. Almost Fearless
  7. Science of Mom
  8. Ironic Mom
  9. My Small Potatoes
  10. …From the Bungalow


Some of these are not fellow WordPress users, but they motivate and inspire me in my WordPress blog so please do not get mad that I broke the rules.


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