Meditation Challenge: Week #1


I decided to join another blogger, Mummy Flying Solo, in a 30-day Meditation Challenge. I am going to try to meditate for a total of at least 10 minutes per day and blog about it every now and then.


Do you ever feel like your thoughts get away from you? I feel like I am getting spacier and spacier mainly because I have a series of internal dialogues continuosly and simultaneously streaming through my mind. It is the “To Do” lists for the various aspects of my life; the taking in of media while trying to block out other things; my ego commentating on the last email I read or conversation I had; the translating between Dutch and English; the list goes on.

Mummy Flying Solo referenced a TED Talk by Andy Puddicombe about meditating. The one thing that stuck with me is using meditation to give your mind a break. I had never really thought about my mind needing a break. Sometimes I feel like I need a break from my mind. And I think of giving other parts of my body a break – my aching back, my tired eyes, sore muscles. But I never thought about my mind needing a little TLC.    


I started this challenge on Friday. For the most part, I have been meditating using guided meditation. I downloaded the app “Simply Being” that I saw mention in the the notes of one of Mummy Flying Solo’s blogs. I have tried that once so far for 5 minutes and it was really helpful. I think I am going to use that during the week and up the time of the guided meditation to 10 minute sessions. You can choose the duration of the meditation, what type of music to listen to and whether or not you want someone to speak and guide you through the meditation.

On Friday night and again today, I did guided meditations for about 10-20 minutes at the end of a yoga class with the instructor. On Saturday, I tried meditating in silence alone. I woke up about 30 minutes later. I prefer to lay down to meditate. Maybe that is part of the problem. But, for me, it helps to lay down and feel my body getting heavier as I relax. When I sit up, I tend to focus on the mechanics of my posture or direct my attention to a part of my body that is uncomfortable. 

How is it going?

To be honest, I am not sure how it is going so far. My thoughts slow down while I meditate and seem to decrease in volume. That is a start, I guess. I wrote down my thoughts about Friday and Saturday’s meditations, but I cannot find the notebook right now. I think I was trying to hide the notebook (and pen) from my one and a half year old daughter so she would stop scribbling in it and, as a result, hid it from myself as well.

All I can really remember thinking about during today’s meditation is that I needed to write a blog post today about the meditation session. I know there is no finish line per se with meditating,but I do have a long way to go. 

So far I have learned:

  • It easiest to quiet my mind after I have physically exerted myself – with yoga, an exercise class, or even a long walk.
  • I do not enjoy constant talking during a guided meditation.
  • Music or sounds are nice, but it is better for me if there are no words sung. It is just one more thing for my mind to get distracted by and fly off on a tangent.



2 thoughts on “Meditation Challenge: Week #1

  1. What a great post! You’ve covered so many of the things I’ve been thinking! I used the simply being app for the first time today too. I quite liked it. Keep at it!! You’re doing great!

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