Flying the Friendly Skies: Toddler & Hubby in Tow


Tomorrow is the big day! E, my husband, and I are off for a two and a half week vacation to the U.S. Tsh or one of her co-hosts on the Simple Mom Podcast refer to vacations as adventures. That is to take the expectation of relaxation out of the minds of the parents. I am hoping to have a little bit of both – adventure and vacation.

The plane rides to our destinations definitely fall under the “Adventure” category. I am DREADING them. We have a direct flight to Chicago and then the next morning before the crack of dawn we fly to Myrtle Beach, SC via a connecting flight through Atlanta. No amount of preparation or reading other parents’ blog puts me at ease about this.

For starters, I have developed a fear of turbulence that now manifests itself into worrying about how I would take care of E in case of an emergency in-flight. In other words, will there be enough airbags to go around and how will I get one onto her in-time along with our life vests? These are fears, people, I did not say rationale or statistical likelihood play into them.

Secondly, it is kind of a foregone conclusion that E will not sleep. She did not sleep much on our last long haul flight to the U.S. last summer, but now she is a toddler. Toddler with a capital T meaning an opinionated, curious, wiggle worm. She is adorable and will love working the aisles. Last night, for instance, we made a last minute shopping run to buy my husband two pairs of shorts. She pulled back the curtains and walked into the two other occupied changing rooms. Since my husband was in the third changing room trying on clothes, it was my job to go in and pluck her out of the other changing rooms without looking at the men inside. The men were not amused, but did not get too angry. Their wives waiting next to E and I found it hilarious.

At least on an airplane, people are fully clothed. I can just see her trying to open the bathroom doors, though. She loves doing that at home and seems to feel entitled to watch all users. I have heard it is a potty training milestone. Yet another childhood milestone that all other childless passengers on our plane tomorrow will not know or care about. And like how E does not understand the concept of staring at another person for several minutes at a time until she gets a smile in response. And like how E uses high pitched screeches to fill in for a wide range of words she cannot say yet. And that her favorite word, “Kijk” (pronounced “Kike”) is the Dutch word for “Look” and not the learned rantings of racist parents.

What I am doing to survive the flight?

– A dozen small, gift wrapped toys for E

– Snacks, snacks, snacks

– Child friendly Ipad apps

– Upgrade to Economy comfort

Wish us luck! I will let you know how it goes…


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