Searching for Motivation

Evelyne May 2012 by morethanexpat
E May 2012 by morethanexpat

I find myself once again in a familiar place – searching for motivation. I am tired. It is Thursday and I am dragging. My sliver of motivation on these mornings is getting to my first cup(s) of coffee and listening to a podcast on my train ride to work.

It has been awhile since I checked in on my diet. I have been sick. I am sick and tired. I am feeling the crunch that leads up to a vacation. Plan. Plan. Plan. Exhausted and trying not to freak out about the upcoming plane journeys with a toddler that will further exhaust me. My arms ache just imagining the exhaustion. These are Rich People Problems, I tell myself. Be grateful. Not helping.

So what is my motivation? My motivation to get through the day? I do not work tomorrow. I have a SCUBA diving refresher class in a nearby swimming pool which means I am one step closer to vacation and diving for the first time in a few years.

What is my motivation to eat healthy? I am wearing jeans that did not fit just a few weeks back. And, if I am really honest with myself, the junk food just does not taste that good to me right now. Last night, I actually threw away the gingerbread cookies I was eating for dessert last night. I felt that bottomless yaw and recognized it for what it is – I am tired – and stopped looking for its cure in the cupboards. That and I stopped by most junk food so I really was not going to find the answer in my cupboard.

Other motivation? This picture. That is our little E. She is a year and a half old. Her favorite things to eat are bananas, a mango/carrot smoothie, milk, Cheerios and Goldfish crackers. From all I have heard in the past few days about childhood obesity, I think we are doing okay. We are setting a decent example. Sure. She will not eat a warm dinner, but her hero is not Ronald McDonald.


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