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Scale-A-Week: 5 July 2010 by puuikibeach

Weigh In Day – Metabolic Age: 32

Improvement from last week: 13 years

Clearly, something went wrong. After I weighted in for the first time, my husband explained to me that I should have weighed in before I work out. From my Weight Watcher trained brain, this seems totally illogical. I did not think it would have made that big of difference. I hoped it would, but I started my diet last week anyway.

Yesterday, I marched right over to the special scale as soon as I changed into my workout clothes. Yes! My metabolic age is now 2 years younger than my real age. I also lost two pounds this week. Am I sceptical about the scales accuracy, TOTALLY. But since it gave me good news this week, why doubt it?

My first impulse was to go to Dairy Queen and celebrate with a Blizzard.

Then I realized –

1. Dairy Queen does not exist in The Netherlands.

2. I am already here at a gym and in my workout clothes, I should work out.

3. My daughter is at home with her father, i.e., FREEDOM, so I should enjoy it.

I headed off to yoga class with my yoga capris feeling ever so slightly looser.

Reality Check

My husband’s metabolic age is still 7 years younger than mine (although he is older than me). And I still have shorts and swimsuits haunting my near future. I need to stick with my current plan. It seems to be working. Or at least I need another few weeks of weigh-ins to get a better picture of reality.


  1. More Alcohol: I have stuck to the plan for the most part except for the alcohol drinking. I have cut back, but I am going to enjoy the weekend with some wine.
  2. More Planning: I did some very basic meal planning and grocery shopping last Sunday. For the most part, it really paid off. I forgot to defrost the fish fillets one night. It resulted in a last-minute run to the grocery store and created a meal the following day without a vegetable. It was a big improvement, though, from my hurried daily visit to the grocery store on an empty stomach while on my way home from work.

Image Credit by Puuikibeach


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