Day 2

Day 2

It is the second day of my diet. Today is incrementally easier than yesterday. It could just be that I was really busy in the afternoon during my normal dip. I have this dull aching headache. What is that?

I struggle with not having a glass of wine after what was a particularly rough afternoon. A meeting did not go how I expected it and a night of interrupted sleep was catching up with me. I usually try to get by with lemon flavor sparkling water at dinner, but I was in no mood to fool myself. I went for an alcohol free malt beer instead. It really hit the spot. And it was only 50 calories!

E was up four times in the night. She is 19 months old. I thought we were past that. She seems to be having nightmares and getting hungry. I swear she has a growth spurt every few weeks. I love how cuddly she is in the middle of the night, but I would also love a full night’s sleep.

Yesterday evening, I tried to distract myself and sooth my headache with a long bath. Tonight, I am watching “The Voice” and going to bed hopefully at an embarrassingly early time.

I basically was not eating any fruits and only vegetables with dinner. I have upped my fruit intake to two servings during the day with mini all natural smoothies that I by pre-made. Yeah, they are a little expensive, but I am drinking them. The fresh fruit I usually buy just goes to waste. I did take two apples with me to work as well, but they are still sitting on my desk. I think I will need some peanut butter to choke those things down.

At lunch I have a salad piled high with toppings like cubed ham, corn, chick peas, and shredded carrots. Dinner the last two nights has been fish with rice or diced potatoes and a veg. Strangely, I do not really miss not eating bread. I miss the granola bars and salted popcorn. Well, it is only Day 2.

We don’t have a car so my commute involves walking, taking a tram then train, then cycling (5 minutes) to/from the railway station and my office. I added to it today by not taking the tram from the train station to my house, but walking for 20 minutes instead. Every bit helps.

Here is a picture of our little insomniac from the park this weekend. Aren’t the trees beautiful? She is getting quick. She is not up to a full run yet. She looks more like a semi-pro speed walker – complete with the determined gaze, heaving breathing and constipated scowl. She is a lot of fun.


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