Tipping the Scales


I write this blog with a grumbling stomach and throbbing head. Yes, for the first time in years, I am putting myself on a diet. Why now?

Short Answer #1: My metabolic age is 45. 45! 

I just turned 34!

My husband’s metabolic age: 25. 25!

A few months ago, I joined my husband’s gym. In the past year and a half, my husband has lost about 20 pounds and is now in the best shape of his life. He is hooked. Now it is my turn. The worst part was that I have been working out 2-3 times per week for about six weeks before I did the metabolic age analysis. 

I am convinced that the metabolic analysis was wrong and I am going to redo it this Friday. In the meantime, I am cleaning up my act.

Short Answer #2: Swimsuit

In less than a month, we are going on vacation. I am looking forward to warm weather and playing in the pool. Swimsuit & shorts = jiggle, jiggle, rub, rub. Ladies, you know what I mean. I don’t expect miracles, but knowing I’ve dropped a few pounds, goes a long way with that bitchy little voice in my head.


Today = Day 1

Diet. Ugh! I hate that word, but that is what it feels like today. I feel like I am going through withdrawal.

What am I changing?

A quick Google overwhelms me with the latest cave man fasts and mega super foods. I have managed to avoid the latest diet fads. In America, they are virtually impossible to avoid. In The Netherlands, though, the major news outlets here are in Dutch and I spend most of my free time chasing after my little one, reading blogs about getting her to each vegetables, or ordering diapers for her from Amazon. This country is also literally the land of milk & bread.

1. Lunch: Salad instead of a sandwich

2. Fewer cappucinos

3. More fruit & nuts; less processed stuff

4. Flat belly breakfast – Nutty Quick bread

5. No alcohol & more water

I think that list is long enough. 

This new plan is also why I am getting back into blogging. It is keeping me pre-occupied. Sad, I know, but that is real. Wish me luck!


Photo: Fruit & Veg by AudreyH (flickr)


One thought on “Tipping the Scales

  1. Good luck. I don’t want to hear how a metabolic age is computed. I would either be 150 or 16 depending on what stats are used.


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