Summer Bucket List Update: 3-6

I am lagging behind on a few of my Summer Bucket List items –

Swimming Lessons

I have decided that taking E to a swimming pool even if it is our tiny blow up pool in the backyard is enough for now. She loves it all the same and it is so much less hassle.

Pool time by morethanexpat
Pool time by morethanexpat

Dinner on the Beach

We have not yet had dinner on the beach this summer. Frankly, the weirdos we had to share the beach with when we went during the afternoon was enough to put me off for a while. Either that or I need to find a new beach.

 Wearing a Dress

Lately, I am wearing dresses more often and by the time summer is out I will probably have gotten my average up to once per week. But Lil E looks so much cuter in a dress…don’t you agree?

Jean Dress by morethanexpat
Jean Dress by morethanexpat

Make an Outfit Each Month for E

Nope. I have not even attempted this one. I have signed myself up for a sewing class, though, with some other expat mums. I figure it will at least be social and motivate me to finally use my brand new sewing machine and all the great fabrics I have that are collecting dust.


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