In My Neighborhood: July 22

Well, here you go Joy and Tracy! Here are pictures of what I am seeing while I listen to your podcast, Joy the Baker.

For all the other people reading this, I guess I have some explaining to do. As I have mentioned in other posts, Joy the Baker podcast is a new favorite of mine. They actually gave me…yes, little old me, a mention on one of their recent podcasts. They asked listeners to send pictures of what their everyday lives look like.

I usually listen to Joy the Baker while I am out on a walk around town with E. Joy and Tracy go with us to do my grocery shopping and browse the sale racks of the baby clothes along the shopping street here in The Hague. These pictures are not anything spectacular, but I guess they are a little something different.

This is where my walks start…

Street I live on

Street I live on by morethanexpat
Street I live on by morethanexpat

And then I usually stop through my favorite park, the Queen’s Public Garden. I love this park and have had so many great memories in it. It is where we had the photo shoot for our wedding, for starters. The Queen of The Netherlands’ working palace adjoins to this garden along with the royal horse stables. I always imagine she is staring down at all of us from one of the windows of her office and laughing. Sometimes I think she wishes she could join us and sometimes I think she wants to shut the thing down and send us fools all home. There are great sculptures in this garden…here is E & I looking at one of them.

Queen’s Public Garden

Queens public gardens by morethanexpat
Queens public gardens by morethanexpat

The Playground

We walk everywhere pretty much and I try to take E on a walk once a day so, nowadays, I am almost always listening to Joy & Tracy as I walk. This next picture is of the playground at the Queen’s Garden. I think it must be a work of art too. I cannot wait until E can play on this. I used to come here when I was pregnant and try to imagine what E would look like.

Local Playground by morethanexpat
Local Playground by morethanexpat

Shopping Street

Without a doubt, I find myself on this street during a walk. It is a nice, kind of posh shopping street with some nice-ish restaurants. I like window shopping and people watching here. My favorite liquor store is on this street – real talk – and so is my favorite sushi restaurant and butcher. There is a cool tattoo place here along with a girls only sneakers store that I keep meaning to visit…and, oh yeah, our local coffee shop. I mean that in the Dutch way – the half-baked, Cheech & Chong way – not the U.S. mocha choco latte way. No, I have not been in it. It is not my thing. But whoa, I swear if I walked slow enough, I could get a contact high. I have no feelings either way about it…to each his own and everyone that walks out of there is pretty nice to me, E and our stroller when our paths cross on the sidewalk so I can’t complain. That is more than I can say for a lot of other people I have shared a sidewalk with. Moving on…

Shopping Street by morethanexpat
Shopping Street by morethanexpat

The Cutest Thing

My favorite part of the walk…my favorite nickname for E lately is Wiglet….like a cute little wiggly thing. She loves people watching just as much as I do. I sometimes catch her leaning forward and twisting her body around to get a better look at someone. Cracks me up!

Wiglet @ nine and half months by morethanexpat
Wiglet @ nine and half months by morethanexpat

Joy, Tracy, and Michael, I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Keep doing what you are doing. And, if you are even in The Netherlands, I want to be your tour guide. All the best.


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