My Summer Bucket List

I am a new fan of Joy the Baker and Shutterbean. Their podcast, Joy the Baker, is hilarious. They are the friends I wish I made in high school and kept. This week’s podcast asks listeners to post their Summer Bucket Lists – the things you want to do before the summer is over. Here is my list – random as ever.
  1. Get a job.
  2. Solo flight with E to visit friends and family.
  3. Take E to swim lessons.
  4. Dinner at the beach.
  5. Wear a dress at least once a week.
  6. Make an outfit each month for E.
  7. Host a Dessert & Appetizer night.
  8. Host a reunion for the parents & babies from our child birth class.
  9. Have a date night with my husband.
  10. Have a night out with a girlfriend.
  11. Finger food paint with E.
  12. Make a redneck waterbed.
If you know me, numbers 5 & 6 will probably be the hardest for me to complete. 
One thing that is not on my bucket list is to finish renovating our sunroom. That is because we finished it last weekend!
Finished Sunroom by Morethanexpat
Finished Sunroom by Morethanexpat

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