Family Travel: Ireland

My father and I took my seven month old daughter, E, to Ireland this past week. We spent three nights in a two bedroom house just outside the town of Kenmare in Kerry County. The house worked out better than I could have imagined and check out this view from our living room.

View from the rental house by Morethanexpat
View from the rental house by Morethanexpat

Ideal Accommodations for an Infant

The house was perfect for an infant. I slept in the master bedroom. It had an attached, wheel chair accessible bathroom. I brought along E’s Bugaboo Cameleon stroller base and bassinet to use as her bed. I just wheeled it right into the dark bathroom and shut the door. She slept ten hours each night and only woke to eat!

A long hallway separated the two bedrooms from the kitchen, living room, and dining area. It allowed us to eat dinner, watch tv, and talk without worrying about waking up E. The rental was also furnished with a washer and dryer which came in really handy since E went through two or three outfits per day. We brought along a travel high chair for her. The only thing missing was a bath tub. I love reading a book in the bath and it also meant I had to bathe E in the kitchen sink. All and all, though, it was a great experience.

What We Saw

Ladies View, Killarney National Park by morethanexpat
Ladies View, Killarney National Park by morethanexpat
Jameson Distillery in Midleton by Morethanexpat
Jameson Distillery in Midleton by Morethanexpat
Cobh, Ireland by Morethanexpat
Cobh, Ireland by Morethanexpat
Near Moll's Gap by Morethanexpat
Near Moll’s Gap by Morethanexpat
Moll's Gap by Morethanexpat
Moll’s Gap by Morethanexpat

Next Time Around

Things just take longer to get to in Ireland. The roads are one lane, curvy, and, at times, very narrow. When you are staring down a massive coach bus or delivery truck, it is nerve-racking.

Moll's Gap Road by Morethanexpat
Moll’s Gap Road by Morethanexpat

If I had it to do again, I would have stayed five nights. I would have spent three nights in the same house outside Kenmare and explored the Ring of Kerry area more. For the other two nights, I would have stayed in or around Cork. I really would have loved to make it down to Kinsale, but we just ran out of time.

Great Memories

I would not trade the trip or the memories I made with my father and daughter for anything. E does this full body wiggle when she is happy or when you take her diaper off (infants are such funny mysteries). It got my dad every time. He could not help, but laugh. I think of him laughing now whenever she does it.

He was also a sucker for helping her sit up. She is working on sitting up which means she lifts her head off the ground a lot when she is laying on her back. So she is basically constantly doing an ab crunch. She did it every time my dad walked by. She loved watching his every move – staring him down and letting out a little fake cough until he would look her way. She would light up then. He couldn’t help himself then to let her grab his index fingers and pull herself up to sitting or standing. She’d be proud and excited every single time they did that. My dad would do this with her for half an hour until she got worn out.

Travel Planning for This Trip

If you would like more information on the travel planning I did for this trip to Ireland, please read my post, “Family Travel Planning: Ireland”.


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