Sew Not Perfect

I have been in search of a hobby for quite some time now. I have not been hurriedly seeking one out, but I realized years ago that the women in my family do not really ‘do’ hobbies. My sisters and I have talked about this. Our husbands each have hobbies that they have no problem devoting hours or whole days to. It is hard to get upset with my husband over this, though, because, when pushed to name something I would like to do, I came up empty.

Well, I think I may have found something – sewing. Yes, I know. Just the word conjures up old lady thoughts and the smell of moth balls. I wanted a hobby that I could do at home while E is sleeping, that does not require buying tons of expensive equipment, is a creative outlet, something I can put down and pick up easily right where I left off and is at least partly useful. We do not have a big house and I am not a ‘display chotchkies on a shelf’ kind of person. On top of that, my mother-in-law is a master knitter and embroiderer and makes E the most adorable things so I just wanted to leave those two hobbies to her.

Over Easter weekend, I decided I would sew E a sundress. I found a cute pattern on Pinterest that looked pretty doable for a novice like me. I thought a sundress would also go well with the loads of cute onesies and tights we have received from friends and family.

One thing I realized is that sewing is more like baking than like cooking. At least for my untrained eye, there is no ‘sprinkle of’ this or ‘this looks about right’ that. I guess-timated enlarging this pattern for a newborn size dress for my six month old and ended up with a dress that reaches down to her ankles and a bodice to narrow to squeeze her into. I pulled the dress over her head and it was so tight she had red marks on her cheeks. Poor thing! The straps are also much too short to tie sweetly like originally intended.

I made a lot of mistakes and the thing took me several times longer than it should have. One seam is so crooked it actually created a gap between the bodice and the skirt. It is hardly noticeable and, really, it does not matter. I am still pretty proud of my first attempt. And it gave me a real sense of accomplishment.

My husband was stunned I finished the thing and was more disappointed than I was that it did not fit E. He wants me to mend it so she can wear it, but I just cannot be bothered. I am moving on to a new fabric and a new pattern. This time I am going old school – one of those sets of sewing patterns that comes in a large paper envelope and you cut out of wax paper.


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