Six Month Memory

Today’s entry is as much for me as it is for all of you out there. E is six months old and entered the non-stop rolling over phase today. This afternoon, we hung out on our pull out couch upstairs in the home office/library/guest bedroom and she rolled over, I kid you not, three times in five minutes. It is as if she cannot help herself. The poor thing was crying because she was so tired and did not want to hold up her head anymore, but, whoopa, there she went rolling over again.

Fortunately, she is also simultaneously in the ‘thinks it is so cool to stand up’ phase and ‘thinks Mama kissing her neck is laugh out loud funny’. Oh, I love her laugh. Isn’t a baby’s laugh the best sound on Earth? E has to hold onto my thumbs to  stand. I lay down on my side, propped up on some pillows and slowly pull her towards me and kiss her neck under her ear. She lights up and shrieks in laughter. We could both do this all day – okay, for ten minutes which in baby world might as well be forever.


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