Moving On

It is me again – just in a new place. I decided to start a new blog on WordPress. I was previously blogging for Lifeclectic, but, unfortunately, it has closed down. I want to continue writing and sharing my experiences, but I thought it was time to move on from my JenGoingDutch blog on Blogger. This partly because I hope to start earning money by blogging and partly because I have just outgrown the purpose of that blog. JenGoingDutch was started over five years ago when I first moved to The Netherlands. I do not feel like I am trying to ‘go Dutch’ anymore.

Nowadays, I am focused very much on raising our six month old daughter, E. With that comes the customary trials of adjusting to being a mother in addition to a wife, an employee, and the ‘me’ I have always knows. But we are raising E in a multicultural, multilingual urban environment in Europe. That is quite a contrast to my small town Midwestern upbringing. Added to that, my husband is Dutch. It is an interesting juxtaposition. I enjoy it, most of the time.

My guiding principle, my mantra so to speak, has always been to live life for that which will outlast you. It is an idea that is in flux and constantly changing. This blog will be dedicated to what that means to me. Sometimes my topics will probably stretch from this principle, but please stick with me when I go off on a tangent. Enjoy the ride!


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